Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1,096 Eggs

Whenever we tell people we have chickens, the first question is always "How many eggs do you get every day?" The number varies according to the time of year and temperature but aside from a couple dark freezing cold winter weeks, we get 6-8 eggs every day. This inevitably triggers the next question "What do you do with all those eggs?" Well, for the most part, we eat them! Since our chickens started laying last October I have been keeping track in a spreadsheet their egg production and the latest grand total is 1,096 eggs. We have given away a couple dozen here and there but for the most part we have consumed them all. 

Sean and I typically eat a breakfast of two eggs each cooked over easy with duck fat rendered and saved from a roast duck we made a while ago. After two eggs, I'm fueled up and ready to go for a two hour long run (or more). The eggs help me stay much fuller than a carb meal and also sit quite easy in my stomach even if I am doing speed work. 

When the eggs start piling up in the fridge, I whip up some sort of a citrus souffle. I've gotten the method down to a total prep time of 15 minutes followed by 20 minutes of baking. 7 eggs and 35 minutes later a delicious, steaming fluffly tart and beautiful souffle is ready to eat. Once out of the oven, a souffle has never survived more than 5 minutes. We attack with soup spoons and the souffle never stands a chance. 

Some times when I am feeling peckish before dinner, I cook up a couple eggs and it holds me through until it's dinner time. If I am planning ahead, I will make some hard boiled eggs. Those don't usually last long though... I have superb hard boiled egg eating powers. I could give Cool Hand Luke a run for his money! 

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  1. Mmmm eggs, my favorite. So happy to hear that current research says they're a-okay!